Boston is a black stud with a very robust and strong body sized, balanced and perfectly proportioned.

His fiber shows good luster and high density.His crimp is deep and bold and the growth of the fiber is surprisingly high for a black male. He has produced high amounts of fiber up to 4kg per year.

Boston is a ET son, produced by the top alpacas of the famous alpaca breeders Canchones in Australia. This combination has produced many show winners in Australia and we believe it will be of great impact for the improvement of black and gray alpacas in Italy.


Date of birth : 08 jannuary 2008

Colour : Black

Sire: Canchones Shogun

Dam: Canchones Barsala

Registration: IAR Australia  / Registro S.I.A



  • 1.Place Renon 2010 Black Males
  • 1.Place Renon 2011 - Black Males

Price:  On request - * discounts for multiple matings