XZM Ultrafine Mill

XZM Ultrafine Mill To Produce Fine Powder,Super Fine Powder Materials.

XZM series ultrafine mill is a new type of ultrafine powder (325-2500 mesh) processing equipment which adopts Sweden's advanced mechanical manufacturing technology and SBM's production experience for many years, we have good reputation in the international market, and our machine has sale over 180 countries which include Mexico, Egypt, Thailand, Angola, Burundi, etc. Our machine can bring you giant profits at the same time ensure high standard of quality, we also give you the moderate price. We have different models for you to choose according to your different needs, all designed to maximize your interests. XZM series ultrafine mill is the crystallization of advanced technology between China and Sweden, it must be your best choice to use SBM's product.

Application of XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

XZM series ultrafine mill is widely used in paint, paper, rubber, plastic, packing, cosmetic, chemical products and other industries, It is suitable to grind the material with middle and low hardness, moisture below 6%, and the material should be non-explosive and non-flammable, which include calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, talc, mica, bentonite, magnesite, illite and pyrophyllite, coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz, fluorite and calcite, limestone, dolomite, barite, potassium feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, flint clay, coal gangue, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, rectorite, diatomite, barite, gypsum, alum stone, graphite, fluorite, phosphate rock, potassium ore, pumice, etc.

Working principle of XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

Bulk materials are crushed by jaw crusher to the desired size, and then the elevator sends them to the storage hopper. The vibrating feeder evenly sends materials into the host and continuously grinding in mill room, after grinding, the powder will flow up by the wind machine, and classified by the classifier, the standard powder will flow through the bypass pipe into the powder collector, the collection is separated by a valve discharge, and this is the final product. Airflow flow through the top back pipe of the bypass collector to centrifugal fan, the air system is closed loop negative pressure that ensured the security of production site.

Advantages of XZM Series Ultrafine Mill

  • Environmental protection: equipped with pulse dust catcher and muffler, greatly reduced the dust pollution.
  • High efficiency: in the situation of same final particle size and power, the production of XZM series ultrafine mill can increase about 40% than the production of the same type mill, and the system energy consumption was only about a third of the same type mill, ensure high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • Work long time: parts and wearing parts are all made of wear resistant material, to ensure the service life of the machine.
  • Good particle size: product particle size can reach d97≤5μm, and also greatly reduces the time cost.
  • High safety performance: due to the grinding chamber without rolling bearings, screws, so no destruction to the machine.

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XZM Ultrafine Mill Technical Data

Name & Model XZM8021 XZM9032 XZM10036
Ring roll number (pcs) 21 32 36
Working diameter (mm) Φ800 Φ900 Φ1000
Grinding rill and roller path number (pcs) 1X3 1×4 1×4
Revolving Speed (rmin) 230-240 200-220 180-200
Max feed size (mm) ≤10 ≤20 ≤20
Final size (mesh) 325-2500 325-2500 325-2500
Output (kgh) 400-4500 400-5500 400-7500
contour dimension (mm) 13000×3000×5800 14700×4800×8600 18000×4600×8600
Whole machine capacity (kw) 144-165 185-204 263-290
Main motor Model YB2-250M-4 YB2-280M-8 YB2-315L1-6
Power (kw) 55 45×2 110
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 750 990
Analytical engine (FM motor) Model Y180M-4 Y180L-4 Y100L1-4
Power (kw) 18.5 22 30
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Blower motor Model Y225M-2 Y250M-2 Y280M-2
Power (kw) 45 55 75
Rotate speed (rmin) 2940 2940 2940
Elevator Bucket model TH-200 TH-200 TH-300
Motor model Y100L-4 YB2-100L2-4 YB2-112M-4
Motor power (kw) 3 3 4
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Hammer Crusher Hammer Crusher model PC300×400 PC400×600 PC400×600
Motor model YB2-160M-4 YB2-180M-4 YB2-180M-4
Power (kw) 11 18.5 18.5
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Magnetic vibrating feeder Model GZ1F GZ1F  
Power (kw) 0.06 0.06  
Electrical machine Model     LS159×1050
Power (kw)     2.2
Discharge valve Discharge valve model ZJD-200 ZJD-200 ZJD-200
Motor model YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4 YB2-80M2-4
Power (kw) 0.75×2 0.75×2 0.75×3
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440
Pulse dust collectors Model DMC120-II model DMC144-II model DMC184-II model
Air compressor Air compressor Model KSH100D-7.5KW KSH240D-15KW KSH240D-15KW
Motor model YB2-132M-4 YB2-160L-4 YB2-160L-4
Power (kw) 7.5 15 15
Rotate speed (rmin) 1440 1440 1440