About Us

Shanghai SBM Mining and Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. is the crushing and grinding industry leader in China, we are professional in the research, development, and production of industrial crushing and powder processing equipment and pertinent devices. We can provide you with complete production line, the solution which we designed will be the most reasonable and economical, and all of our experts have production experience for many years, so SBM will be your best choice.

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SBM and You Have The Same Goal

We have the same goal that is to make your profit maximized, so what we should do is to improve the productivity and stability of our products. Besides these, we also pay attention to the machine's quality, speed, capacity, safety and flexibility, that means our equipment have comprehensive and good performance.

SBM Factory

SBM is located in Shanghai, China, and now we have two high-standard manufacturing bases. The workshop has given us more support. they are modern high-tech factory. Our customers often visit our workshop and they are very satisfied with our equipment. One of our base is located in Shanghai about 450,000 square meters. and the other is in Qidong city, about 600,000 square meters. It takes about one-hour driving from Shanghai to Qidong city.

SBM's Pursuit

To get your satisfaction and being innovative and perfect is our incessant pursuit, our ultimate goal is to satisfy the every needs of our clients and we will continue try our best to make our products perfect. We have the confidence to provide our customers with excellent mining machine. Sincerely looking forward to your cooperation.

SBM's Commitment

  • Put the quality and technology of products in the first place.
  • Maximize customers' profits.
  • Keep continuous innovation.
  • High efficiency and Energy saving.
  • Supply technical support at any time.
  • Provide best and In-time service.