Breeding by using a system and the science

Our "believe" to breed successfully relies its roots in the understanding of the probability of passage of strong genes from each animal individually to their offspring.

Over the years we have developed a breeding program that will help us to implement this principle, which is done in several steps:


• Physical inspection

The morphological and physical inspection is done by eye, we check that the alpaca does not have any morphological defects. Looking at traits in the fiber, such as handling-crimp-luster we divide our alpacas into groups.


• Recording data

At the shearing time of each animal is taken a fiber sample and sent to a specialized laboratory for analysis. The analysis gives us various facts and figures on each alpaca fiber. The clean weight and the length will be measured as well.


• Principle SRS ®

If an alpaca shows traits to prove as superior a skin sample is taken to measure the follicular density; diameter of primary and secondary fibers separately; the degree of growth per day; ratio and the primary-secondary fibers. This process is done primarily in males, before being used as studs.


• Keep records of progeny

We take data to see what will be inherited from the male and / or female to his crias to decide the next pair and see how traits are inherited.


• Matings

Through all the data we have taken we are more likely to succeed in improving our matings by coupling females and studs properly.


We use and do all of the above mentioned things at our farm in Italy

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