Gardena Valley Alpacas 

is a family owned farm specialized in breeding huacaya alpacas in Italy.


In these 12 years we have been one of the first breeders of alpacas in Italy to set to breeding genetic improvement, we have also been the first to import and introduce genetics from Australia and New Zealand through imports organized by ourselves. We regularly participate in alpaka shows in italy and europe.

We are one of the four founding members of the Italian Alpaca Society.S.I.A

We work for a continuous improvement of our alpacas. We have set high standards, but we believe that we are on the right track to modernize the approach of breeding alpacas for the production of fiber for future commercial use.

The improvement of the fiber is of particular importance for us. Regularly we introduce new genetics and stud males scientifically tested and approved. Through the new generations we can see and measure the progress gradually achieved.

The scientific basis of our breeding program is inspired by the SRS ® Breeding System designed by Dr.Jim Watts to decrease the diameter of the primary and secondary fibers and increase the density.

Knowing that genes are transmitted by the female for 50% and 50% by the male as well as we consciously invested in stallions and even in "elite" females as the basis of our stock.

Our goal is to uniform our alpaca herd to have high performance in traits such as:


- High fertility

- High resistance to parasites

- High density

- Fine primaries

- Produce fiber quality to be commercialized

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